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Use this list to find a boat, volunteer as crew or find a sailing buddy.

  Yngling Sail Numbers
    Mooring Owner Email Phone (LC)
1 S'Coch and Water
   Mary Coch

2 Gael Force
   Ian MacDonald, 635-4617
3 Galadriel
   Bill Miller
4 Gosling Various    Moeller SYC
5 Loki
   Bill Richmond 635-8868
6 Orion USA 342/329/292    Slip S1a (O'Connor) 635-4271
7 Ouroboros Various    Don Hornig SYC
8 Presstissimo
   Connie Driver, 635-4389
9 Russet Appul
   Anne Donnelan 635-4406
10 Sea Trout
   Lanny Parker 635-2138
11 Slepnir USA 331/302    Bruce Chafee
12 Teal USA 1    Ellen Field Ingalls, 635-8034
13 West Island
   Bernie Taradash (not in water)
14 Take Two USA 291    Jeff Chandor 635-8997
BER8    John Ingalls  635-8034
16 Grani USA 331/302    Bruce Chafee

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